Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution

Platinum offers safe and secure warehouse facilities for the storage of your products. Our inventory management system scans product into the facility, locates the product for efficient handling and identifies the product for order picking, allocation and fulfillment. We are EDI compatible with most of the major big box stores and retailers.

WAREHOUSING: We can store your products in our state of the art facility. Products are scanned into our system and located in pallet racking for proper identification. With warehouse space located in every major city in the US, Platinum is equipped to handle your total distribution needs. From receipt of goods through put-away and storage, inventory maintenance, re-work, kitting, pick-pack-and-ship … our goal is to provide superior customer service. All locations are high security facilities with 24/7 guards, video surveillance and central monitoring for security and fire.

ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE – EDI: Utilizing EDI services, we electronically receive and process purchase orders and shipment confirmations daily.

PICK AND PACK FULFILLMENT SERVICES: Whatever the size of your operation, Platinum can facilitate your E-commerce and global fulfillment services. If you have an E-commerce operation and would like to outsource your pick and pack fulfillment services, we can efficiently handle both large and small volume operations.

Our E-commerce fulfillment services can be configured according to your specific order requirements and global fulfillment services needs, leaving you worry-free regarding infrastructure and staffing requirements. From single unit/single SKU to multiple units/multiple SKU’s order fulfillment and distribution for direct to DC, store and end consumer, Platinum picks and packs orders for companies in dozens of different industries accommodating a multitude of package volumes and average order sizes.

ORDER FULFILLMENT/SHIPPING: Order Consolidation – Trans-load / Cross-Dock Services – Manifesting – Vendor Compliance Programs for Mass Merchandisers – Ticketing for Retail – Customer Will-Call – Product Labeling – Date-Sensitive Delivery – Product – Kitting / Assembly – Club Store packaging – POP Assembly (pallet, end-cap and counter) – Quality Assurance Testing – Returns Management.

From single unit / single SKU to multiple units / multiple SKU order fulfillment and distribution, for direct to DC, direct to store or direct to end consumer, Platinum International provides custom tailored distribution plans designed to meet your specific needs.

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